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Is your team ready to respond to a medical emergency at any time?

Did you know that it only takes five minutes without first aid (CPR) during a cardiorespiratory emergency to cause brain damage and only eight minutes without compressions to significantly increase the risk of death? (Manuel Merck) Twelve minutes after a cardiac arrest, the survival rate of victims is between 2% and 5% (Statistique en soins […]

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Is it legal to conduct a social media screening prior to hiring?

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday life, so much so that no business can escape the omnipresence of these platforms. They’ve become essentials for promoting an employer’s brand during the recruitment period and raising awareness of the services offered.    The rapid expansion of digital media has introduced society to the phenomena of […]

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How to read a tenant credit file ?

Why is it essential to run a credit check on a potential tenant?  Most rental property owners will tell you that it’s essential, at minimum, to run a credit check on a potential tenant. Some landlords will say that it’s a way to get to know the person, while others have learned the hard way […]

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