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How to read a tenant credit file ?

Why is it essential to run a credit check on a potential tenant?  Most rental property owners will tell you that it’s essential, at minimum, to run a credit check on a potential tenant. Some landlords will say that it’s a way to get to know the person, while others have learned the hard way […]

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How to conduct an evacuation drill in times of pandemic ?

After a year and a half of pandemic, you’ve probably had to adapt your evacuation drill planning. Some companies have even stopped conducting drills altogether. But now, the time has come to review how best to comply with regulations while avoiding workplace outbreaks.  Our emergency measure specialist team recommends the following three approaches:  1. Conduct a standard evacuation drill  That’s right. It’s now possible to conduct a standard evacuation drill! Consider this option if you have a small two-storey commercial building or a small industrial site. This type […]

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A little-known investigation method companies should leverage

Are you familiar with management review? Better known as undercover investigation, it’s one of the most effective investigative methods when well prepared, though it’s also one of the most misunderstood. An undercover investigation can yield information that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible and is useful in cases that require a precise and in-depth approach where the […]

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