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Emergency measures: Three reasons to conduct a fire drill

Back-to-school goes hand-in-hand with the beginning of the fall and the start of the new school and work year. At the beginning of each new year, it’s essential to ensure that Fire Safety Plans (FSPs) and Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) comply with current regulations. And, while having a compliant FSP or ERP is essential, training […]

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What it consists of and what can you expect from it

Christian Gervais is the Founding President of Groupe TRAK / Rapide Investigation Canada. He is one of the country’s pioneers in surveillance with more than 25,000 cases successfully processed under his belt. In this interview, he explains what a surveillance operation consists of down to its technical and legal aspects, as well as the various […]

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Online pre-employment platform

A Canadian first: Groupe Trak and Biron Santé en entreprise join forces Pre-employment medical assessment Today, Groupe Trak is proud to announce its partnership with Biron Santé en entreprise by which it will offer its clients turnkey pre-employment screening services. Groupe Trak is the first Canadian investigation company to offer all background check services online, […]

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The 5 keys to pre-employment screening

Hiring a new employee is a tough job that involves multiple steps, including the interview, reference, criminal record, credit (for some positions), education and driver’s license checks and the medical assessment. This process can take several weeks depending on the stakeholders and their priorities. With unemployment at an all-time low and good candidates scarce on […]

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