Have you done everything you can to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19?

Now is the time for companies and institutions to prepare for the arrival of a possible second wave of COVID-19 in Quebec. Preparing is essential to ensure the health and safety not only of your team but also of your customers and partners.

A company or institution that is well prepared for a second wave and has implemented all the necessary safety measures is sure to maintain a strong image with its employees and customers.

Groupe Trak has advanced expertise in pandemic management and wants to share it with you now. Maintain business continuity during this crisis by adopting best practices.


Our services during the pandemic

Groupe Trak offers many services to help you be pandemic-ready. We can:

  • Carry out workplace safety audits and provide you with best practice recommendations within the context the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Prepare and conduct information webinars for your employees or tenants.
  • Advise you on issues related to COVID-19.
  • Draw up a customized prevention guide.
  • Update your fire safety plan and emergency measures, including your pandemic procedures.
  • Help you set up one or more prevention officers at your access points to provide information to employees and visitors.
  • Provide advice to help you prepare effective traffic plans and signage.
  • Help you recruit remotely with videoconference interviews and background checks with electronic consent
  • Ensure that your employees’ absences are warranted and legitimate


Occupational health and safety

Since the pandemic may last for an extended period, you’ll need to continue meeting your occupational health and safety responsibilities as an employer or landlord. To this end, you can entrust us with many tasks, including:

  • Updating your emergency procedures.
  • Training of your emergency responders.
  • Training your tenants on emergency procedures.
  • Updating your wall evacuation plans
  • Training on WHMIS, portable fire extinguisher handling, working in confined spaces and working at heights.

Handling your annual evacuation drill, which can be replaced by a tabletop exercise.

Note that all our training courses have been adapted to meet the needs of the current pandemic and are delivered in a safe manner. Many training courses are also available via videoconference.


Why choose Groupe Trak?

Groupe Trak wants to help you implement effective and safe emergency measures within your company or institution. Don’t be caught off guard. Contact us before the second coronavirus wave hits.

Find out about your different emergency response needs. Contact us for more information!
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