Intelligence, due diligence and corporate risk management

Today’s organizations need accurate, reliable and relevant information to guide their actions in ever-changing local and international markets.

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Our analysts are ready to help you access, protect or identify competitive information.

Our corporate intelligence solutions allow organizations to make effective decisions to minimize the risks associated with a threat to the company or its executives.

Through our national and international networks, we have access to a host of resources that help us provide detailed and targeted information quickly according to the needs of the case.

This service is often used in the following situations:

Web and social media monitoring is an information gathering method that consists in identifying and tracking groups, organizations, individuals or topics of interest on the web and social media regarding a local, national or international issue.

Our teams of analysts present the information they gather within a legal framework to allow for targeted risk management.

We provide complete, up-to-date reports on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency by secure electronic means.

This service is often used in the following situations:


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