Specialized investigations

We roll out the best teams according to the specialty required for each mandate.

Key specialized investigations

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Fraud and theft

This type of investigation covers cases of financial fraud and time or equipment theft.

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Harassment and intimidation

This type of investigation – after a complaint or to resolve contentious situations – is used to reconstruct events and set the record straight.

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Drug trafficking and use in the workplace

Dealing with potential violations of your internal policies

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Pretext calls and visits

Our investigators are specialized for each type of mandate, including pretext visits and mystery shoppers.

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Cyber investigation

Reduce risk and protect your data from IT threats.

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This service often applies in the following situations:

  • Cases of abusive or fraudulent absenteeism (CNESST, disability, beneficiary)
  • Fraudulent declaration
  • Work activity validation
  • Theft and fraud (material, time, resources)
  • Drug abuse and sale
  • Illegal activities
  • Non-solicitation and non-compete clause


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