Meeting the challenges of remote hiring

The work world has turned upside down over the last few months. From a technology point of view, companies have advanced at an unprecedented rate and adopted new tools in a matter of a few weeks or months. Such a rate of growth would, under normal circumstances, take over five years, which is the normal rate. Here’s an update on what’s happening on the technology front that’s impacting human resources teams and remote hiring.

Impact of the pandemic on the Quebec labour market

Many companies were forced to lay off employees temporarily at the onset of the crisis, due to the implementation of new health measures. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate rose from 8.1% in March to 17% in April before dropping to 13.7% in May. StatsCan says that the summer months offset 76.8% of these job losses, for a total number of 190,300 jobs lost at the end of August, or 4.3% less than in February.

Human resources managers have had a hard time keeping up with all these shifts. Moreover, most managers and their teams have had to make all these changes while working remotely.

Talent acquisition and social media

Recruiters must get creative to attract new talent and back on track to growth. One thing is sure; the current crisis has increased virtual contacts, and people are even more present on social media, especially millennials. Social media recruitment campaigns on platforms like Facebook are a winning strategy to attract the attention of job seekers and, ultimately, to hire new talent.

Speaking of creativity and best practices, let’s point out the quality of windows and doors manufacturer Fenplast’s recruitment campaign on social media: Y’A DE LA PLAST EN MAST. You can watch the video by clicking on the following link. Laughs guaranteed! The campaign, which went viral on social media, features a friendly recruiter in a humour-driven context and targets younger generations.

No-contact background checks

During the talent acquisition process, background checks must be automated and available to candidates remotely. No paper forms need to be signed, scanned or manually processed as contact must be kept to a minimum to ensure the health and safety of work teams.

With Groupe Trak’s electronic consent process, performing background checks is simple, quick and secure. The candidate receives a consent form by email on their phone or other device and enters their personal information, such as employment references, educational credentials and other relevant information. The recruitment process can thus be carried out entirely remotely if the employer so desires.

Creative solutions for HR

For many HR departments, now is the perfect time to implement new software or optimize existing software or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integration applications, such as Successfactors, Workday and others.

Groupe Trak is an innovative company that develops technology tools to make life easier for human resources managers. We can help you implement your online checks or integrate your ATS with our online check system.

Groupe Trak pre-employment checks

Groupe Trak offers all its pre-employment checks online. You can follow the status of your requests in real-time receive results quickly by secure email.

Here are the most commmon pre-employment checks Groupe Trak offers:

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