Protection services

Ensure the safety of people and assets in highrisk situations.

Let our experts take care of your resources and assets

Groupe Trak

Main services

We stand out thanks to our professional and highly specialized protection services and our flexible approach, which reflects that of Trak Group

  • Executive driver
  • Executive protection
  • Assistance with announcements, lay-offs or dismissals
  • Outsourcing of security management services (CSO)

Our specialized protection services prevent and ensure the safety of people and/or assets in the workplace. During special events, travel, announcements, or following a direct threat or when a risky situation arises, our protection services guarantee your operations run smoothly and safely.

  • Labour dispute prevention and management
  • Key personnel protection
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Protestor management
  • Risk management
  • Operational logistics

Our labour conflict management solutions include setting up investigation methods to collect accurate information many months before a potential conflict, assisting in the preparation of a contingency and security plan in the event of a conflict, deploying our physical security teams that specialize in labour disputes and organizing strategic meetings with our clients, who benefit from the guidance of our highly experienced corporate security and labour conflict managers.

  • Physical security audit
  • Corporate security plan development and updating
  • Contingency plan development (risk and threat)
  • Assistance in preparing security contract calls for tenders
  • Corporate, physical and investigative security consulting services

Our experts will meet all the needs a private or public company may encounter. They will improve the overall security of your company or organization and prevent the risks and threats that your company, staff and material assets, customers and suppliers may face.


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