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Emergency measures

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Emergency measures plan

Our consultants help organizations build or update an emergency measures plan that meets the standards and requirements in force.

An emergency response plan (ERP) is a physical or digital document designed to plan an organization’s response to various risks to minimize potential impacts. In particular, an ERP covers the strategic and operational components of the response to a disaster.

Basically, an ERP covers the same regulatory elements as an FSP but is often much longer. An ERP outlines the procedures for risks other than fire and hazardous material spills.

  • Natural risks, such as fire, storm, flood and earthquake
  • Technological risks, such as network failure and power failure
  • Operational risks, such as equipment failure and explosion
  • Other risks, such as terrorism, active shooter, bomb threat, demonstration
  • Analysis of the various risks inside and outside the site
  • Planning of operational and strategic components in the event of a disaster
  • Optimization of the response of your staff and organisation to a disaster
  • Limitation of impacts on staff and the organisation
  • Tabletop and large-scale simulations
  • Drafting of an environmental emergency plan
  • Representation and support of your company on the Joint Municipal-Industrial Committee (CMMI)
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