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Our packages

Basic skip tracing

  • Confirmation of new personal or correspondence address
  • Confirmation of phone number (if available)

Comprehensive skip tracing

  • Confirmation of new personal address
  • Confirmation of telephone number (if available)
  • Confirmation of source of income (if available)
  • Other relevant information (when available)


Discover our two skip tracing packages to meet your needs:

The Basic skip tracing report is intended for any person or company looking to trace a person’s new address.

Examples: Finding a tenant who has left a dwelling, enforcing a judgment or serving legal documents

The Comprehensive skip tracing report is intended for any person or company also looking to locate someone’s new address, source of income and any additional information when available.

Examples: Enforcing a judgment or serving legal documents

Skip tracing is useful if you:

  • Are looking for a former tenant
  • Are having hidden defect problems
  • Someone owes you money
  • Want to enforce a judgment
  • Are trying to find a witness
  • Are looking for someone you care about
Groupe Trak

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Why choose our skip tracing services?

  • One of the most reputable investigation agencies in the country
  • Fast, reliable and secure service
  • Competitive prices
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Professional service
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It takes five to ten working days, in general, depending on the complexity of the search. If the person cannot be found within this timeframe, we will contact you to explain the delay and negotiate additional time, if required, for us to complete the mandate.

The Basic skip tracing package is enough.

In more than 75% of cases, a person is traced even when very little information is available. If they aren’t found, the fees must still be paid since the search work will have been done.

*After review, any request deemed inappropriate may be refused. Payment will then be refunded less a $40 file opening fee.


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