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Asset searches/Consumer credit report

  • Location of current or correspondence address and phone number (if available)
  • Asset and property searches
  • Identification of sources of income
  • Financial capacity
  • Confirm bankruptcy and collection status
  • Criminal record and statutory and civil background checks
  • Movable property register
  • Mortgages
  • Vehicle financing
  • Enterprise register (Registre des entreprises)
  • Other relevant information
  • Looking to sue an individual or a company refusing to meet its financial or contractual obligations.
  • Trying to enforce a judgment.
  • Want to know more about a person or a company before making a professional commitment.
  • With credit reports and asset searches, you can make an informed decision about next steps.
  • Submit your credit report and asset search requests in less than five minutes.
  • One of the most reputable investigation agencies in the country
  • Fast, reliable and secure service
  • Competitive price
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Professional service
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A solvency and asset search report summarizes the financial portrait of the targeted person or company, making it possible among other things, to analyze their financial capacity and situation, their payment habits, and their assets. The purpose of this report is to target items that could be seized to improve the chances of success in a debt collection or judgment. This inquiry also applies if you want to know more about an individual or a company in the context of a business relationship.


It takes 10 to 15 working days, in general, depending on the complexity of the search. If inquiries aren’t completed within this timeframe, we will contact you to explain the delay and negotiate additional time, if required, for us to complete the mandate.

The fees must still be paid
since the search work had to be
done and we have no control over
the assets and creditworthiness of
a targeted person or company.


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